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For many years, I have had the pleasure of contributing to

numerous cartoons and visual effects. My work has been featured

within film, television and on the world wide web.


My career began as an animator, upon graduation from California

Institute for the Arts with a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in

Character Animation.


Through out the years I have worked as an animator and

production artist within films, games, and creative web content

for a fast growing new market. As my career has progressed, I

had gotten the opportunity to serve as an Art Director within a

company which specialized in games and web content.


During the end of a the internet tech boom, the opportunity had

arisen to immerse myself back into film and television. I

started working on a number of Independent films,commercials,

and animated shows as a storyboard artist and concept designer.


As an artist willing to take on new challenges bought about by

an ever changed environment. I took it upon myself to learn

through classes or self instruction new tools, and techniques to

tackle the artistic production environment. Acquiring a handle

on Maya, After efx, Motionbuilder, Photoshop, Flash as well

as delving into XSI and Dreamweaver. In addition to these new

skills, I made it a point to keep a strong sense of artistic

foundation with Traditional Drawing and Painting.